Skin and Hair care

Ayurveda Skin and Hair Care Jaipur Ayurveda– Dr H S Pancholi Ayurveda believes in a very close relation of inner and outer beauty that produces an individual genuinely lovely. Ayurveda Skin and Hair Care Pune consists, consists, skin and hair diseases are unmoving deep within the varied dhatus or tissues like fat, muscles, blood etc. Inadequate diet,…

Yoga Hall

Regular Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes under the stewardship of the ablest yoga instructor of this wellness centre will elevate the seekers to the new heights of spirituality, besides restoring the physical and psychological imbalances/distortions. God dwells in every nerve and vein of this meditation centre with love and compassion in abundance. Therapeutic yoga is…

Treatment Centre

Typical of the classic houses, it has high gabled openings and a ridged roof, the shape of which resembles the famous snake boats. The house has been divided into two identical halves, comprising of 4 treatment suites each for ladies and gentlemen.

Recreation / Sports

Recreation / Sports is a facility in Jaipur Ayurveda having variety of indoor and outdoor sports and games arranged inside the premises. Well-maintained badminton and volleyball courts hold the main attraction. Indoor games include table tennis, caroms, chess, card, etc.


Pharmacy has a complete range of both classical and proprietary Ayurvedic herbal formulations, a public limited company listed in all major stock markets in India, are stocked for the use of both inpatients and outpatients. Efficacy of these medicines is beyond reproach.

Jogging / Walking track

Walking along the well maintained and tile paved jogging / walking track amidst the medicinal herbal garden is an experience by itself. The cool breeze accompanied by the aroma of the herbs in the serene ambiance of the resort will elevate the soul in to the canopy of heaven.

Herbal Grounds

Herbal Grounds is a vast and well-maintained herbal garden with more than 200 species of rare medicinal herbs and is an added attraction. Entire living space for the inpatients is spread along the periphery of this garden. The products of these medicinal herbs are consistently being used for the in-house treatment purposes.


Both manual and powered coupled with mechanical systems of equipment is the prime attraction of the Gym and Fitness centre. The utility and effectiveness of this center is par excellent.