Lifestyle & Hormonal Diseases

Life style and diet :-

Life style and diet is very important for good health. Proper diet makes your immune system strong . by including naturel food according to body , nature, Ayurveda prescribes daily and seasonal regimen. For prevent diseases and healthy life.


Life style prevent disesases and maintain health. Ayurveda describes healthy. Lifestyle as daily regimen ( dincharya ) and seasonal reginmen ( Ritucharya ) for a healthy living.
Small changes in our lifestyle such as physical activity, healthy diet meen – more fruits and vegetables use, Positive thinking etc. Improve over all health and the quality of life


Ayurveda describes diet planning for diet. An important role in keeping our body and mind healthy .

Ayurveda describes basic dietary guidelines like :-

  • What to eat according to prakriti, age, dosha, seasons and diseases.
  • How to eat food.
  • How to cook food.
  • Incompatible food.