Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment

Panchkarma treatment are the five- fold Ayurveda detoxifying and cleansing therapies both internally and externally. Which get to the root cause of the diseases and eliminate the deep seated toxin from the body there by restoring equilibrium of the doshas and maintaining healthy tissues and improving physical mental health.

Concept of Ayurveda

Panchkarma treatment ( Detoxification therapy)
The term Panchkarma is a combination of two words – “panch” meaning “five” and “karma” meaning “procedures”.
The five Panchkarma therapies are :-

  1. Vaman ( Emesis)
  2. Virachan ( Therapeutic Purgation )
  3. Anu vasan Basthi – ( Medicated oil enema )
  4. Niruha Basthi ( Herbal decoction enema )
  5. Nasya/Shiro virechana – ( Nasal medication )

Benefits of Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment

  • Detoxification therapies eliminates the vitiated doshas ( Toxins ) and balance all there Doshas.
  • Enhances immunity & improves strength, Vigor and vitality.
  • Enhances digestion and metabolism
  • Delays the ageing process, rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • Reduces stress, improves relaxation and healthier & happier life.

Preventive Panchkarma therapies :-

  • Detoxification therapy
  • Rejuvenation therapy
  • Weight – Management therapy

Curative Ayurveda Panchkarma Therapies :-

Curative treatments for major illness. Diseases have to be cured completely by cleansing toxins from the body by Panchkarmaa treatments. Other wise there will be recurrence of the diseases again.