Sushma Joshi,  Retd. Admin, AIR, Delhi

I came for diabetes and stress relief. Naturopathy & Ayurveda helped me a lot. The ambience and surroundings are marvelous, peaceful and divine.  Hospitality is very good, Doctor’s and staff behavior is very humble.

SK Agarwal, Retd. Dir NIC, Delhi

I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a body massage. The team of staff are very nice and cordial. Specially physiotherapy department helped a lot for my condition. Services and facilities are simple and wonderful.

SR Rana, Retd. Eng. CPWD, Delhi

I was suffering from back and joint pain. I started treatment at BNCHY, after a few days, I feel relaxed and confident that I will recover soon. It was a great treatment for me. Thanks to BNCHY.​