Naturopathy is a natural healing technique using the healing powers of nature. The Principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of all diseases, hence prevention of such accumulation and elimination of existing toxins is the route to health. This multidisciplinary approach uses the healing power of natural resources like foods, herbs, earth, water, air, sun and even magnets to allow the body to heal itself. Most treatments are based on the 5 great elements of nature that have immense healing properties.

The Five great elements of nature, and the treatments based on them, are:
Earth – Mud baths, Mud packs, Body wraps
Water – Hydrotherapeutic methods in the form of Baths, Jets, Douches, Packs, Compresses, Immersions and Colonic Irrigations
Air – Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking, Open air baths
Fire – Sun baths, Thermoleum baths, magnetised water, colour charged oils/water
Ether – Fasting therapy


Mud Therapy

Of the five elements of nature, mud represents Earth and has a tremendous impact on the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. Minerals and trace elements present in mud make it known for its renowned effects and healing properties. Mud also has the remarkable property of holding moisture for a long time, which has a cooling effect on the part of the body applied.

⦁ Helps improve circulation and relax the muscles
⦁ Improves the digestive activity and sets right the metabolism
⦁ Local application helps relieve inflammations, swellings and reduces pain
⦁ Excellent in skin conditions without open lesions
⦁ Helps bring down blood pressure
⦁ Nourishes the skin
⦁ Conditions the hair
⦁ Specific kind of application relieves the stiffness of joints


Water Hydrotherapy

Water has great healing properties and exhibits different properties at different temperatures. The temperature of the water for any treatment depends on the effect desired. It is used internally and externally, as liquid, steam or ice, in the form of Baths, Jets, Douches, Packs, Compresses, Immersions and Colonic Irrigations to cleanse and restore health.

Hydro Baths

Arm and Foot Bath

⦁ Relieves localized pain and inflammations
⦁ Relieves congestive headaches
⦁ Relieves the spasms of the bronchioles and facilitates easy breathing as in asthma and bronchitis
⦁ Excellent for relieving the numbness and tingling in the extremities [as in diabetes mellitus]

Spinal Bath / Anti-Stress Bath

⦁ Stimulates the spinal nerves
⦁ Relaxes the paraspinal muscles
⦁ Helps maintain the blood pressure
⦁ Helps in regulating moods – like anxiety or depression
⦁ Relaxes irritable nerves

Steam Bath

⦁ Exposing the entire body [with the exception of the head] to a superheated atmosphere helps in many ways.
⦁ Steam inhalation helps decongest the respiratory tract
⦁ Medicated ayurvedic or herbal steam helps rejuvenate the body
⦁ Helps open up the skin pores
⦁ Helps remove the toxins from the skin through sweating
⦁ Helps the skin maintain its natural moisture and softness

Hydro Jets/Douches

These treatments help refresh, stimulate and boost the vitality of the body. They improve the peripheral blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system.

Wet Packs

This treatment allows an in-depth detoxification of the areas which are swollen, blocked or sensitive and helps to restore the vitality of the skin and the body. There are several packs like abdomen, knee, trunk, shoulder, ankle and neck packs.
⦁ Relieves inflammation and swelling
⦁ Improves circulation
⦁ Relieves the stiffness and spasms of muscles and joints


⦁ This is the application of water in the form of a pack wrung out in water of different temperatures.
⦁ Helps in detoxification of areas which are swollen, blocked or sensitive
⦁ Excellent for tight/sore muscles, oedema, cellulite
⦁ Stimulates the blood and lymph stream
⦁ Gives soothing, refreshing, calming and decongesting qualities


⦁ It is one of the hydro therapeutic techniques where the body – locally or wholly – is immersed in water of different temperatures.
⦁ Helps improve the circulation to the part immersed and also the peripheral circulation
⦁ Helps relieve oedema
⦁ Useful in treating skin disorders
⦁ Helps to relieve congestion of the reflex regions thereby relieving symptoms such as asthma, migraine and insomnia.




Close-up of female hands pampering feet

An Oriental healing technique used to relax the nerves and release the trapped energy. There are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands and parts of the body. Based on the principle that reflex points in the feet and palms correlate to individual organs and parts of the body, manipulations on these reflexes help stimulate the organs. It helps those suffering from insomnia, menstrual problems and pains.
⦁ Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
⦁ Improves circulation
⦁ Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
⦁ Brings the whole system into balance
⦁ Vitalises energy
⦁ A preventive healthcare by enhancing the immune system
⦁ Helps encourage healing in combination with specific treatments


This natural Oriental healing technique uses applied pressure to specific points on the body to relax trapped nerves and release blockages. It is used both as a preventive and curative therapy. It helps alleviate pain, fatigue and addresses musculoskeletal problems.
Induces relaxation and restores balance
Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system
The therapeutic touch stimulates certain chemicals in the brain that boost the immune system, lifts depression and relieves stress


There are different types of massages dependent on the materials and techniques used. To add to the experience we have soft soothing music and aromatic oils to stimulate the senses.

Dry Massage

This gentle massage without oil/cream helps stimulate the nerves of that particular area.

Aromatic Oil Massage

A very relaxing and refreshing massage using the aromatic oils that have very specific properties and effects on the body.
⦁ Refreshes the senses and mind
⦁ Highly relaxes and calms the mind
⦁ Sets right the metabolic disorders
⦁ Improves the skin condition and nourishes it

Food – Nutrition & Dietetics

Using food as medicine, an individually devised, wholesome and natural diet is aimed at balancing nutritional deficiencies, combating allergies, digestive disorders and building resistance to disease. Medical nutrition therapy and specific diet strategies are advised for chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries.