Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing therapy which involves a medicated liquid slowly streamed onto the forehead with either organic oils that have been cooked with precious Ayurvedic herbs, warm whole organic milk, or buttermilk (takradhara). Depending on one’s health condition and individual constitution, an oil or milk formula will be recommended by the Ayurvedic practitioner. This therapy promotes the experience of transcendence, the sought out experience of moving beyond thoughts to pure inner silence and quiet.


Reduces stress, brings about youthful appearance by detoxifying the hair follicles preventing pre-mature greying and balding, improves learning ability and concentration, reduces burning feet syndrome, poly neuropathy, reduces the excitation of the nervous system, increases the serotonin level and endorphins to uplift the emotions and relax. It is also helpful in certain types of mental conditions such as schizophrenia and maniac conditions.


40 minutes