Sweda, also called Swedana removes toxins from the body by helping the body to increase circulation, open up the pores and cause the body to perspire. Numerous research studies have found that many toxins such as DDT, nicotine, lead, and other harmful chemicals are released by sweating. Our modern culture and lifestyle prohibit us from giving the body an opportunity to fully sweat and thereby cleanse and open the channels of the body. Sweda is a very important treatment to undertake when going through Panchakarma. The treatment is usually done after an abhyanga massage. Herbs specific to one’s condition are added to the steam for full effect. During Sweda one sits comfortably in a wooden sauna box with the head sticking outside of the box. A cool towel is placed on the head and neck to prevent the head from getting hot. The therapist moderates the temperature of the steam to your level of comfort. After the treatment your muscles and joints will have more mobility, you will feel and look lighter, your skin is smooth and clear. It is also a beneficial treatment for weight reduction and cellulite.


Reduces pain in the body, Eliminates toxins, Promotes weight loss, Reduces stiffness, Beautifies the skin, Removes Cellulite.