Color has been known to have some of the most powerful effects on our mind and body. Color contains the energy of the Sun, the life restoring force of nature. Hence, Color, as well as music and fragrance, are the efficient modes of nature to connect with the subconscious core. Light and Colors have an effect on the total energetic system of the body. Light is absorbed through the eyes as well as through the skin by our sensory nerve endings. Colors act like gems; they increase the aura of the astral body. This is the ambit of pure color and is suitable for subtle or spiritual healing. Our energy centers of transformations called charades or gateways are where healing through colors takes place. Each Chara governs particular organs of the body, specific emotions and psychological aspects of the mind. By knowing which color operates through which Chara, and their complex interplay, one can balance the Chara, thereby correcting the disease in that particular organ or emotional state. At IVAC, a detailed consultation on color therapy is given, which will be custom designed keeping in mind your particular needs and situation.