“MARUPRADESHAH AAROGYANAM DESH!” Aacharya charakh has mentioned that  marupradesh like rajasthan, the environment is best for healthy life, and the herbs that grow in this climate is of high medicinal value

The capital of rajasthan “jaipur”

The capital of rajasthan “jaipur” the pink city is rich in its herb resources, our motto is to expose and create awareness towards the ayurveda herbs that especially grow in jaipur and the other marupradesh..and make the best use to mankind of it, in a service mentality, and to realize and bring back the old medicinal prosperity that our raja vaidhyas had once practiced and experienced. so that our new generation get familiarized with ancient herbs, medicine and the procedure, in this way it will not get instinct.

The other motto is to provide a pollution less and peaceful environment to the patients with atmost care and affection